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1 July 2020

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2 July 2020

online 12:00 - 13:00 BST

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About the Event

Webinar Design to Promote Quality Engagement: Towards a Transactional Model and Toolkit

Interactive video has grown over the last decade to engage learners through a range of instructional designs and supporting technologies. Webinars are now commonplace, but as with early eLearning pedagogy, a ‘talking head’ design falls short of meeting the potential of the media. Next-generation learners need to master virtual collaboration skills to construct solutions to higher-level problem solving using interactive webinars.

How do academics, instructional designers and students design and use webinars to construct new knowledge through social meaning making? The Webinar Profile Toolkit is a methodology and toolkit aimed at providing distance learning stakeholders with the techniques and resources to construct their own effective webinars. First, we look at WHAT are the main features of a webinar? Next, WHAT possible instructional designs and Web Video Hard/Soft Skills are developed. Then, we look at WHY a webinar model linked to Transactional Distance can be a way forward to promote autonomous, creative learners. A software toolkit will be used as part of this ‘hands-on’ workshop to give participants to apply their learning.

This is an action-packed 60-minute workshop that promises to stretch your understanding of how to engage learning through a webinar. Be ready to do some pre-event tasks, collaborate with fellow ‘webinerds’ through Socratic ‘fishbowl discussion. And make smartphone recordings from your own room to share your reflections on the event.

Topics covered in the seminar

  • Operational set-up for interactive blended webinars (while using the technology live),
  • PAP Model - 'Pre-At-Post' Instructional Design, Underpinning eLearning Theory – Transactional Distance (Moore 1997)
  • Audience participation the Webinar Profile Toolkit
  • Recording live web video events (in person and screen capture),
  • Building a virtual community, towards an organisational learning culture,
  • Webinar Evaluation - tools and strategy


Headshot photo of Anthony Basiel

Dr Anthony Basiel

Learning Assurance Project Manager

Queen Mary, University of London

Headshot photo of Mike Howarth

Dr Mike Howarth

Visiting Lecturer

Middlesex University

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Webinar Design to Promote Quality Engagement: Towards a Transactional Model and Toolkit

Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel, Learning Assurance Project Manager, Queen Mary University of London, and Dr Mike Howarth, Visiting Lecturer, Middlesex University.