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UCISA Services Limited (USL)


USL  (company no. 08818902) was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of UCISA CCLG (registered charity no. 1161218) so as to be able to trade in support of  UCISA’s charitable objective, as set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, and gift any surplus back to the parent charity.

USL aims to do this by receiving UCISA’s strategy, aims, objectives and plans and developing and delivering its own strategy, in support of those strategy, aims, objectives and plans.  Specifically, it will receive business cases for the running of events and other trading activities and decide whether to support those initiatives or not. It will periodically, and at least annually, report on USL’s activities to the UCISA Board of Trustees; and ensure that USL operates in the most tax efficient way so as to maximise its charitable gift back to UCISA.

Board of Directors

black and white head shot of a man smiling


Drew Cook

Former Director of ICT at University of Lincoln


person smiling at camera

Mat Flower

Assistant Director and Head of Digital Architecture,
University of Wolverhampton


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Paul Butler

Director of Information and Library Services,
University of Greenwich


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Deborah Green

Chief Executive Officer, UCISA


 head shot of Dean Phillips smiling

Dean Philips

Assistant Director, Digital and Information Services,
University of Aberdeen.

The Board meets approximately three times a year.

UCISA Services Limited is a Registered Company in England No. 08818902, whose Registered Office is 30 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LE

Correspondence address

UCISA Services Limited
Lumen House
Library Avenue
OX11 0SG