The university of the future – are we ready?

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25 January 2022

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25 January 2022

online 12:00 - 13:30

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The university of the future – are we ready?

Has your business model changed? Should it? Even if the 3-year undergraduate course catering for 18–23-year-olds endures, some organisations will see a change in their student base. Do we have the right staff and facilities to deliver to a multi-generational student body? Changing a business model has consequences far beyond the immediately obvious, which is why assessment of impact is supposed to be thorough – whose responsibility is it to do this? The 24/7 university campus is not a new concept: with students beaming in from Beijing, students needing support at all hours, and lectures taking place in ways both in person and virtually, how ready are we in matching and shaping a 24/7 expectation? Is this where we are heading? How does the “new world of work” fit in?

Join us for this joint webinar with AUDE, BUFDGM CUBO, HESPA and UHR, where each representative will share their experience.



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Simon Jennings

Director of Strategy and Planning

Lancaster University

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Umesh Desai

Director Estates & Facilities Directorate

De Montfort University

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Sarah Setchell

HR Director

University of Derby

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Jo Hardman

Head of Commercial Services

Lancaster University

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Adrian Ellison

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

University of West London

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Adrian Ellison is Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor and CIO at the University West London, where he is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive and responsible for Academic Administration, Academic Registry, Academic Quality and Standards, Library and IT services and the Institute for Policing Studies. He has been in UK higher education for 24 years at four universities. Adrian is Chair of UCISA and a fellow of the RSA. He has written about and spoken widely on the use of technology and analytics in the HE sector.

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Simon Parkes

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

University of Lincoln

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The university of the future - are we ready?

  • HESPA: Simon Jennings, Director of Strategy and Planning, Lancaster University
  • AUDE: Umesh Desai, Director Estates & Facilities Directorate, De Montfort University
  • UHR: Sarah Setchell, HR Director, University of Derby
  • CUBO: Jo Hardman, Head of Commercial Services, Lancaster University
  • UCISA: Adrian Ellison, Associate PVC and CIO at the University of West London and Chair of UCISA
  • BUFDG - Simon Parkes, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, University of Lincoln