Citizen Development

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20 July 2022

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20 July 2022

Online - 13:00-14:30

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About the Event

With the advent of tools such as PowerApps, Citizen Development is a keen area of interest for the IT industry. Many IT professionals remember the days of Access databases springing up and challenging organisations as the developers of key apps moved on and support was needed for poorly written programmes.

What has changed with Citizen development and how can we make use of it to benefit our institutions?

Is there a way of doing this without increasing the support burden and while protecting data and privacy rights?


Headshot image of Evelyn Trearty

Evelyn Trearty

Business Change Manager

University of Strathclyde

Headshot of Kevin Luu

Kevin Luu

Industrial Placement Student (Computing Officer)

University of Greenwich

Jason Parke head shot in black and white

Jason Parke

IT Labs Team Leader

University of Greenwich

head shot of Trevor Baxter

Trevor Baxter

Director of IT Innovation

King's College London

Headshot of Okan Kibaroglu

Okan Kibaroglu

Head of Business Operations

Imperial College London

Event Schedule

Wednesday 20th July



by Okan Kibaroglu, Head of Business Operations, Imperial College London


short talks sharing the perspectives and experiences of various member institutions

Citizen Development Debate - For and Against

a chaired debate on the benefits and drawbacks of Citizen Development

Open Discussion