Starting the year on the right foot

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15 February 2023

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15 February 2023

Online MS 14:00 - 15:00

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Starting the year on the right foot

From snowless ski resorts to freak weather events and deadly wildfires, we are all seeing the impact of climate change in headlines. Featuring guest speaker Henrik Brogger, Chair of the UCISA Sustainability Group, this session will consider the changes can we make to the way we do IT in universities and colleges to reduce our impact on the environment.

How do we balance the needs for high-priority technology matters such as cyber security, with the need to become a sustainable society? Can we persuade our staff and suppliers to prolong the lifespan of devices, repairing rather than replacing where possible? In what ways can we come together as a sector to tackle the practical challenges surrounding digital sustainability?

Join the UCISA London Group and Sustainability Group as they consider questions like these and more. We encourage you to come with your own questions and suggestions to make the most of the open discussion forum


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Henrik Brogger

Director of Digital Operations and Service Delivery

University of Reading