How to understand your users part 2

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25 January 2023

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25 January 2023

Online 10:00 - 11:30

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How to understand your users – a user research special part 2

A significant percentage of our community have reported that they are relatively inexperienced in UX. This is part 2 in the webinar series, designed to support those starting out on their journey but will be beneficial to all as we are continually learning from one another. The recording and presentations from part 1 are available for all members.

User research is the foundation on which UX is built; knowledge and understanding of users’ wants and needs is vital to achieving user-centred design.

Where do you start? What are the first steps? Where in your institution can user research happen? How do you focus your research efforts for greatest impact?

This session is an opportunity to learn about user research, to reflect on the first steps, share approaches, and ask questions of your peers.


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Liz Vosper

Senior Manager, Knowledge Management

The Open University

Becca Ferrari

Digital Learning Director

University of Nottingham

Luis Neves

Digital Learning Director for the Faculty of Engineering

University of Nottingham

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David Marshall

User Research & Data Science Team Lead, University Information Services

University of Cambridge

Adam Oliver headshot

Adam Oliver

Senior UX/UI Designer

University of Nottingham

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Adam is a Senior UX Designer at the University of Nottingham and manages a sub-team of UX/UI Designers within the larger UX Team. His work covers the end-to-end UX process of both products and services, from user research and synthesis to ideation, visual design and continual testing and improvement.

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Graham Hancox

Senior UX Researcher

University of Nottingham

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Graham is a Senior UX Researcher at the University of Nottingham, where he has worked for the past 5 months. He has a BSc and PhD in Ergonomics/ Human Factors and had been an Academic Researcher for 10 plus years in the transport safety and counter-terrorism sectors before transitioning into UX.

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Joe Talbot

User Interface Team Leader

University of Oxford

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How to understand your users – a user research special part 2