Session Abstracts


Tuesday 21 March

Driving transformational Higher Education through automation and Total Experience technology
Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer, ServiceNow add Anthony Stephens, CDIO, Salford University

As the technology landscape grows more complex, the need for platforms that cater for large scale change are essential for educational management. Recent events have shown a need for hybrid and digital learning, plus automation of back-office processes and systems to provide a revolutionary student and employee experience. Delivering a cohesive Enterprise Service Management(ESM) that's easy to adopt, monitor, and use is now crucial to Educational institutions.
Hear from Salford University how they use ServiceNow. ServiceNow's Global CTO Dave Wright will also explain how the platform drives change for their global Education customer base.

Partner showcases

  • Fortinet: Securing AWS Edge Compute within the Janet Network powered by Fortinet
    Simon Farr, Jisc and Chris Parker MBE, Fortinet  

    Headed up by the Innovation Team, Jisc now have AWS Outposts in a Janet-connected data centre.  Jisc are working directly with AWS to create new multi-tenancy functionality on Outposts to allow resources to be shared between multiple higher education, further education, and research institutions across the UK.  The aim of this innovation is to bring high speed, low latency, edge-compute to their education members from the very heart of the Janet network.  In an initial proof of concept project, Jisc will validate various use cases around large data set storage and manipulation, virtual desktop provision, a centralised 5G packet core, and network functions such as content filtering and SD-WAN.  The first use case to be implemented, in conjunction with Fortinet, will be a FortiGate security wrapper to protect all services on Outposts. Jisc in partnership with Fortinet will present the features and benefits to the sector of this service.
  • Handshake: Can’t get no (student) satisfaction? How great careers tech can help boost graduate outcomes and NSS scores
    Paul Gratrick, Head of Operations at University of Liverpool and Clare Adams, Head of Education Strategy, Handshake UK

    It’s a familiar story – budgets are tight and yet university staff are being asked to deliver more than ever. In particular, employability is a battleground, with the Office for Students suggesting universities face sanctions if enough students don’t go on to graduate jobs within 15 months.
    While IT professionals at universities can’t be expected to solve these issues alone, great careers technology can make a difference – ultimately boosting graduate outcomes and student satisfaction. Join Paul Gratrick, Head of Operations at University of Liverpool, as he explains how his team applied tech to revolutionise their careers and employability strategy.
    Liverpool was missing out on opportunities to improve practice and demonstrate impact due to outdated Graduate Outcomes Survey data, which by the time it arrived, was related to graduates who left two years ago.
    By bringing early careers platform Handshake on board, Paul and his team were able to use the live data collected by the app to feed into a new Scorecard. This gave a quarterly snapshot of student activity levels and engagement, allowing for swift course correction.
    The result? They’re on track for higher levels of student satisfaction, improved outcomes, and are better able than ever to keep internal stakeholders informed and demonstrate impact. Paul will be joined by Clare Adams, Head of Education Strategy, Handshake UK for a must-see session on how tech can be the catalyst for positive change in careers provision at universities.
  • Salesforce: Coventry University: A data-driven approach to navigating current macroeconomic trends
    Speakers TBC

    As larger macroeconomic forces shift, the ways in which students, staff, faculty, and alumni engage with institutions is evolving. Leaders are increasingly implementing data-driven approaches to engagement, security, and digital transformation—often amid resource constraints. Join Coventry University in a discussion around how the institution has leveraged technology to power a future-forward strategy designed to support the next generation of lifelong learners, as well as the institutional stakeholders that support them.


Wednesday 22 March


A sustainable approach to building a diverse and disability inclusive team
Amy Low, Service Delivery Director, AbilityNet

Building a diverse and inclusive team requires both honest reflection and positive action. Hear from Amy Low at AbilityNet how to create the conditions where the widest talent pool can thrive.

Curriculum management system integration with SIS: Learnings from universities abroad
Peter Katis, Head of Professional Services and Brian Clark, CEO, CourseLoop

As higher education moves towards a more digitally-empowered landscape, universities are adopting a host of new systems and technology to help them keep pace with changing student demands.

Institutions are onboarding newer and more robust student information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), credentialing platforms, and curriculum management systems — a significant but often overlooked piece of the university technology ecosystem.

In this presentation, we share learnings from universities who have successfully implemented the CourseLoop Curriculum Management Platform. We explore:

  • Why establishing a system for dedicated curriculum data management is the foundational step for holistic digital transformation
  • Why it’s important to hold curriculum data within a strategic system of record
  • How to map existing curriculum data into a new data model that can be captured, used and leveraged downstream
  • CourseLoop’s integration approach, including how our Platform integrates with downstream systems


McDonald’s & Enfuse Group: Candidate Experience Programme.
Richard Bainbridge, People Technology Lead, McDonald’s; and Joe Taylor, Delivery Lead & Candidate Experience Programme Manager, Enfuse Group

A partnership case study in achieving improved applicant experience and operating efficiencies through digital transformation

Institutional showcases

  • Durham University’s AI Journey
    John Hemingway, Chief Information Officer, Durham University

    This session will provide an overview of the strategic adoption of AI at Durham University. It will explore the different use cases that have been implemented and are planned, looking at why those use cases were chosen and how they have been implemented. It will also share some of the initial benefits that Durham have seen and how this is informing the future roadmap. The session will conclude with a summary of future areas that are being considered for development and how the journey will continue.


Thursday 23 March


The 7 Deadly Sins of DEI
Rob O'Donohue, Senior Director, Analyst, Gartner

Common but avoidable mistakes can keep organisations from achieving DEI advancement. This session shows CIOs the DEI pitfalls to evade and how to develop a measurable action plan that leads to progress on this key organisational priority.