Motivation Lab: Experimenting with Techniques to Supercharge Your Team

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23 January 2024

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23 January 2024

Online 13:00 - 14:00

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About the Event

Are you ready to supercharge your IT team's performance and unlock their full potential? Join our upcoming interactive, science-driven workshop "Motivation Lab." In this dynamic session, we'll dive deep into proven strategies to inspire and motivate your IT staff, turning them into a high-performing dream team. Through your real-world case studies, and collaborative discussions, you'll gain practical tools and insights to create a work environment that IT professionals thrive in. Don't miss this opportunity to boost morale, enhance productivity, and foster innovation within your IT department. Reserve your spot today, and let's transform your team into IT superstars together!

Help us make this workshop work for you! Share your motivation challenges using our interactive form, so we can tailor the session to your circumstances.




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Jake Dovey

Incident Response Team Manager

University of Southampton