Day 2 Thursday 14 March institutional abstracts


Thursday 14 March

Institutional abstracts 14:45 - 15:15


Adopting UX principles to ease the pain of change management
Emma Horrell, User Experience Manager, University of Edinburgh and Co-Chair of UCISA UX Group

Change keeps coming but it often spells resistance, conflicting demands and the prospect of failure before success. How do we equip ourselves to be in better control of change? As UX lead on major technical transformation projects at the University of Edinburgh, I’ve adopted several approaches, frameworks and techniques to help me navigate change. In this session I’ll draw on user-centred methodology to offer practical, pragmatic advice, to empower you to steer change. You’ll learn how to:- Apply behavioural psychology to make decisions and shift mindsets- Use research to facilitate change- Authentically report on change positively.

Joining hands across the organisation
John Butterworth, Director OCIO, King’s College London

How BTS is helping business leaders drive digital transformation. Change is simply getting faster and more relentless. BTS provides a framework forsustainable and continuous transformation where business leaders can lead collaborative change and deliver effective services.

One journey towards Enterprise Service Management
Paul Westmore, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Swansea University

Pushing water uphill with a stick : the many delights of professionalising and centralising service management at Swansea University.

Digital skills or a change of mindset?
Jason Oliver, Chief Digital Transformation Officer; and Lee Rose, University of Sussex

Everybody knows that the UK has a digital skills shortage but is technical training the answer or do we need to reprogramme the way we think about our work? Do we need a 'Modern Mindset' to address the challenges ahead?