The UCISA 2024 Awards


The UCISA Awards 2024

With the UCISA Awards Dinner due to take place at the UCISA 24 Leadership Conference in March, we are pleased to announce the shortlisted nominees for each award category below.
Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves or a colleague for the UCISA Awards 2024, and Congratulations to our shortlisted nominees. We look forward to the awards dinner on Thursday 14 March where the winners will be announced.

The 7 categories are:

  • CIO/Director of the Year 
    The UCISA CIO/Director of the Year Award celebrates outstanding contribution by an exemplary leader who demonstrates vision, innovation, transformation and professional excellence. This individual will be a role model not only within their institution but throughout the wider UCISA community.

    • Brian Henderson, University of Aberdeen
    • Nick Leake, Kings College London
    • David Minahan, Goldsmith College, University of London
    • Jason Oliver, University of Sussex
    • Krish Pilicudale, University of Huddersfield

  • Diversity and Inclusion
    The Diversity and Inclusion Awards seeks to recognise institutions that can demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion within your culture. You must be able to highlight your strategy and how it has had a positive impact and is represented through all levels of your organisation and have championed actions to remove barriers and improve the working experience and engagement.

    • Hull College - AI Translate
    • University College Cork - IT Services’ Inclusivity Team
    • University of Edinburgh - Ada Lovelace Day 2023

  • Outstanding Corporate Member  
    The UCISA Award for the Outstanding Corporate Member recognises a business that has worked in partnership, delivering exceptional services that have positively impacted an institution or the sector.

    • Courseloop
    • Fulcrum Digital
    • ITGL
    • Norman Managed Services

  • Rising Star
    The UCISA Rising Star Award seeks to recognise an emerging leader in digital technology. Demonstrating ongoing technical and creative expertise as well as growth in responsibility and leadership.

    • Helen Browne, Queen’s University Belfast
    • Liam Crabb, Liverpool John moores University
    • Sabah Meraj, University of Manchester

  • Supporting Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Research
    The UCISA Award for Supporting Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Research recognises digital innovations which have had a transformative effect on learning, teaching and research activities. Demonstrating the application of innovation in support of how academics research, teach and students learn.

    • City, University of London - Digital Education
    • Edinburgh Napier University - Virtualised Security Operations Centre Integration with Information Services
    • University of Aberdeen - Science Teaching Hub

  • Sustainable Digital Project or Initiative
    The UCISA Award for Sustainable Digital Project or Initiative celebrates an innovative activity that not only provides exceptional value to the institution but demonstrates a positive environmental sustainability impact for the future.

    • King’s College London - Decarbonisation Grant Programme
    • Teesside University - Digital Campus Workstream
    • University of Southampton - Putting “Planet” in the seat of lean thinkers
    • University of Stirling - SIEC Data Centre
    • University of York - Transforming IT for a sustainable future

  • Transformation
    The UCISA Transformation Award celebrates groundbreaking digital innovation that has transformed and delivered for the institution and beyond. Contributing to improved processes, better student and staff experiences, management of risk and control of costs. Enabling your institution to make exceptional progress in daily activities.

    • Anglia Ruskin University - End to End Assessment Programme
    • Queen’s University Belfast - Queen’s Portal
    • University of Aberdeen - Science Teaching Hub


The judging of the awards looked at the project / individual's achievements as a whole, with particular interest in the following criteria. Applicants addresses any of the criteria they believe to be applicable or pertinent to their project or entry.

  • Supporting each other and inclusivity in leading the development of digital innovation, capabilities and technologies to transform education and research.
  • Quantifiable impact and doing it 'together' / across boundaries. This may be within your organisation, between institutions, with commercial partners or for the sector.
  • Stakeholder Engagement demonstrating change in attitudes, behaviors, values and outcomes. Measuring and reporting benefits achieved.
  • Value to institutional priorities and stakeholders. Institutional context/support; transformation, impact and return on investment achieved (realised or expected)
  • Delivery of innovation, transformation or positive change through groundbreaking digital technologies, services, or partnerships.
  • Sustainability and scalability of activity that demonstrates positive environmental and financial impact for the long-term.
  • A Model  that is motivating, inspiring or being adopted by others.