UCISA AGM 2023 results

09 June 2023 - UCISA AGM 2023 results

This month the 30th AGM of the association took place online and was attended by nearly 70 institutions. On this occasion we bid a very fond farewell to our out-going Chair, Adrian Ellison, who stepped down after serving for an amazing 15 years.

Emma Woodcock ,York St John University and James Crooks, Durham University were voted in as UCISA Chair and Deputy Chair, respectively. Both will serve for a two-year term.

.We would also like to congratulate James Smith, who was re-elected to the Board of Trustees after completing his initial two-year term. The Board co-opted Karen Bates, Nick Gilbert, Mark Johnston and Iain McCracken as Trustees, all of whom will serve for a one-year period. Sarah Cockrill continues as UCISA Treasurer and Mat Flower as UCISA Secretary, along with Trustees, Vipin Ahlawat and Nathalie Czechowski, all of whom are now in the second year of their term of office.

Congratulations to all trustees and office holders.

To find out more on UCISA’s plans, you can access our Strategic Plan 'Building on Success’ 2022-2027 via the UCISA Resources Page.