Digital Education Survey

16 January 2024 - Digital Education Survey

The UCISA Digital Education Group and the UCISA Digital Capabilities Group have been working together to develop key aspects of their respective surveys into one combined Digital Education Survey reflecting how TEL systems and digital capabilities have become entwined since the pandemic. The survey will be run through February and March 2024, with the final report and findings from the survey being available later in the year.

With this new survey, we are building on the previous work of the Digital Education and Digital Capabilities Groups, providing a richer digital education picture of the sector post pandemic, that will allow you to understand your own progress against the sector data.

To assist with the completion of the survey

The project group will be presenting the findings from the survey at a range of events, and you will be able to find further information here once the report is published.

To be kept informed about this survey or any of the UCISA Digital Education Group and the UCISA Digital Capabilities Group's other activities, you can click on their respective group pages.

If you are interested, the previous DEG TEL Surveys and DCG Digital Capabilities both have a range of reports that may also be of interest.

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