CIS2023 Survey results

14 June 2024 - CIS2023 Survey results

The results from the ever popular UCISA Corporate Information Systems Survey (CIS Survey) are now available. We know many members make strong use of this survey and hope that you will find this year’s findings as illuminating as ever.

UCISA would particularly like to thank the many institutions who took the time to complete this survey during an exceptional period for the sector. The fact that they were willing to participate and the Group were able to produce the report, at a time when it would have been all too easy to say ‘we are too busy’, is a further testament to the strength, resilience and commitment of our ucisa community. we would therefore like to record our collective thanks to the UCISA CISG committee, ably assisted by Sonya White, for compiling this report.

The survey is a great benefit to the UCISA community, highlighting the trends in the systems used across institutions to paint a clear picture of the sector and its evolution over time.

You can access the survey results via login.