Going Microsoft Cloud First at Kingston University

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Going Microsoft Cloud First at Kingston University
Steve Britton, Head of IT, Kingston University

in the Sandringham Room

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As collaboration and learning enter the modern digital age, Higher Education institutions are consolidating into a single ecosystem to build a seamlessly connected campus.

During the roundtable Kingston University will share their journey to a Microsoft Cloud-first university; their long-term plan to create a seamless student experience with programs and applications that communicate with each other; fostering a vibrant learning community for their students and staff in this remote world.

Kingston University is aiming to benefit from technology consolidation to better coordinate the flow of information across each campus, streamline governance and harden security, enhance the user experience on the front and back ends and achieve longer term cost savings.

What will be discussed:

  • Drivers for Microsoft Cloud-first at Kingston University
  • Benefits and challenges of technology and data consolidation
  • Governance and security goals
  • Framework for user adoption and change management for Students and staff
  • Enabling the future workforce through collaborative learning in Microsoft Cloud


Taking place on Day 1, 30th November from 12:00 - 12:45 of CISG-PCMG22 

Lunch will be provided in 1890 At The Met but registration is essential as numbers are limited


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