Wednesday 30 November


How to double value for your university every term: an agile approach
Sophie Harrison, Director of Agile Product Delivery and Andy Smith, Chief Information Officer, UCL

UCL’s Andy Smith and Sophie Harrison invite you to join them on their journey to deliver value in universities faster, more frequently and in a joined-up way. The session will chart the highs and lows of driving transformation and share Andy’s visionary leadership approach and Sophie’s practical how-tos. Expect some light hearted audience participation as well.


Evolution for Success: the Story of Lean & Continuous Improvement @ the University of Strathclyde
John Hogg, Director of Continuous Improvement, University of Strathclyde

This session will focus on the successful implementation of a Continuous Improvement Programme at the University of Strathclyde over the last 9 years. You will hear about the importance of building strong foundations, how the approach has evolved, lessons learned along the way and what the future holds.


Cyber Essentials – meeting the new standards.
Chris Haigh, Assistant Director and Head of PMO, Interim University of Wolverhampton

I understand that there is widespread concern across the HE sector about the feasibility of meeting the more recent interpretations of the CE standards. I was the PM for our successful project delivery, which was a challenging and wide reaching project, with lots of change for our staff. This includes removing personal device access for our staff to University email, requiring management software for mobile devices and tablets, and more. I would be pleased to share what we did, how we did it, the challenges we faced in doing it, leading on compliance driven change, and facing numerous obstacles to success. I'm very confident and pleased with what we delivered, and believe there would be benefit in this session for other institutions considering what these more significant CE changes would look like.


The new Jisc strategy and an update on our research into Student Records Systems
Liam Earney, Managing Director HE and Research, and Executive Director of Digital Resources, Jisc

As Jisc starts a new three year strategy this presentation will provide an overview of the new strategy and what it will mean in terms of Jisc’s priorities in the year ahead. One of those priorities is centred on how Jisc will help to empower communities in its work and an early example of this in action is our partnership with UCISA to investigate the student records system space. The second half the presentation will provide an update on this work and next steps.


Thursday 1 December 


An Exploration of Sustainable Procurement and E-Waste Recycling for the Digital Community in HE and FE
Andrew Meikle, Head of Corporate Information Systems, Lancaster University and Chair of the UCISA Sustainability Group and Henrik Brogger Director of Digital Operations and Service Delivery, University of Reading and Vice Chair of the UCISA Sustainability Group

Want to understand more about sustainability in the context of procurement and recycling your computing waste? Find out how to procure sustainably using DEFRA data and why it is important to us to recycle e-waste sustainably? Join us for an informative session where we demonstrate a tool to help understand the sustainability of procurement, and explore how to improve your e-waste recycling in addition to uncovering why sustainable e-waste recycling matters to students and staff.


University showcases

  • Automation
    Jennifer Robertson, Head of Automation Transformation Team, University of Glasgow
    This is about creating an Institution wide Automation Service (currently robotic process automation)- the automation of transactional activity/tasks. The focus would be on how we developed a proof of concept and an opportunity pipeline with a prioritisation matrix. I’d like to submit a proposal sharing the experience of leading a proof of concept for Automation across the Institution and how this provided the foundation to embark on creating an enduring service.
  • Better the Devil You Know, Fact or Fiction? Journey in Stakeholder Engagement in the Adoption of a New Platform
    Marguerite McEnery, Head of IT Project Management & Business Engagement, University of Limerick, Ireland

    Join me as I debunk the myth that change is bad! Human instinct is to stick with the familiar, even if it is not ideal. I will share how we overcame this challenge in our SharePoint Migration project from 2010 to SharePoint Online. I will talk through my experience of this large-scale migration project where change management and user engagement were prioritised. This is a story of how strong customer engagement enabled stakeholders embrace new technologies and positively impacted the success of the project.
  • Benefits Measures Library
    Caroline Hargreaves, Senior Business Change Manager, University of Manchester

    Output for the SIG created to develop a Benefits Measures Library


Partner showcases

  • Clarivate - The epic rise of the digital campus - Connecting students with their universities no matter where they are.
    James Blair, Director Development & Operations and Deputy Director of Information Services, University of Stirling and Matthew Sherlock, Director of Product Strategy, Clarivate.
    We have all been changed by the Pandemic, globally and locally, individually, and collectively. The HE sector has not been spared the shock, as businesses around the world have had to adjust. Off-prem and hybrid teaching have created a host of seismic disruptions across the sector, which are here to stay as we look toward a new era of work and education. Discover how Stirling University's digital campus is being adopted through mobilisation and integration, and how they will continue this trend as students and staff consume digital services anywhere and anytime.
  • Courseloop - Navigating new curriculum management systems: How higher education leaders can prepare for implementation
    Alison Cotgrave, Academic Registrar, Liverpool John Moores University
    It's no secret that change management is a challenge – especially when it comes to the adoption of university-wide technology. It requires a structured approach to understanding, planning, implementing and effectively communicating change. In this session, Professor Alison Cotgrave, Academic Registrar at Liverpool John Moores University, will present on the university's change management strategy, and how it drove the successful adoption of a new curriculum management platform – CourseLoop.
  • Ellucian - Student Systems: New Kind of Special - What will our solutions need to look like in medium to long term
    Ian Anderson, Enterprise Architect, Ellucian
    All universities consider themselves unique and each has special qualities that are hugely important in terms of differentiation in the customer value proposition. However, when it comes to operational delivery ‘special’ is nearly always a cover for complexity. The move to an environment where SaaS is the preferred delivery model can create a head on clash with complex business and technical infrastructure. It is time to think differently; from how customers and vendors engage on requirements, to how we implement and manage large scale IT projects. Ellucian wants to engage in that special conversation.
  • ServiceNow - Transforming student service – Enabling a more efficient and streamlined student experience
    Brendan Whitfield, Role: Cross-functional Product Manager, Imperial College London
    ServiceNow would value the opportunity to present at the CISG-PCMG conference to articulate how we can help the sector transform the way they deliver student service. A key objective for the event, as per UCISA’s description, states that 'There is a need to not only make sense of these exciting new solutions, but to connect, secure and support them and ensure effective interoperation across hybrid environments'. This is precisely the area ServiceNow can add huge value as will be demonstrated when Imperial describe their own experience of transforming student service through connecting and automating multiple systems of record to make more informed decisions.
  • King's College London and Tribal - Making the best use of your technology investment to deliver exceptional staff and student engagement
    John Harris, Education and Student Solutions Director, King's College London and Mark Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Tribal

    Join us for a fireside chat between John Harris, Education and Student Solutions Director at King's College London, and Mark Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at Tribal. John and Mark will discuss how KCL and Tribal have embarked on a digital transformational journey, utilising the power of cloud technologies to innovate for the future; all to deliver exceptional outcomes in staff and student engagement.


Cloud migration for HE, Fantasy, pipe dream or nightmare
Simon Kearney , Director IT Platforms, London Business School

An exploration in to the challenges of cloud migration for our industry. A look at the options and approach to getting there and the support available to help us.

Collaboration – the new normal
Brian Henderson, Director of Digital & Information Services, University of Aberdeen and Chair HEIDS & HEFESTIS

Aligned to the UCISA strategy, Brian will explore the continued need for close and meaningful collaboration across and outside our sector to help secure organisational and individual success.


Learn how King’s College London is leveraging the power of Cloud and Automation to deliver software continuously
John Harris, Education and Student Solutions Director, King's College London and Nalin Parbhu, CEO, Infuse

King’s College London (KCL) is undergoing a transformation of its IT systems and has successfully migrated Moodle VLE, Tribal SITS, Library Management Systems, Research Management and CRM to the Cloud.

However, once you are migrated to the Cloud whether it is SaaS, PaaS or IaaS institutions need to update their software more regularly and therefore verify and validate changes effectively and efficiently with automated software testing.  


Friday 2 December


How Collaboration Built the (Nearly-) Perfect CRM for Student Recruitment
Michelle McGaughey, Business Service Team Leader and Paul Fergusson, Digital Marketing Manager, Queens University

When it comes to developing a sophisticated CRM solution for higher education, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. From different business units in Queen’s and different perspectives, Michelle McGaughey (Business Services Team Leader) and Paul Ferguson (Digital Marketing Manager) walk through their collaborative approach to building a CRM system that maps to the student recruitment journey, all based on digital marketing strategy combined with innovative implementation.


N things I hate about the platform I love
Owain Young, Application Architect, University of Wales and Alexey Protasov, Business Intelligence and Integration Team Leader, University of Greenwich.

This session will be a discussion about the experiences the University of Wales and University of Greenwich had implementing integration platforms with Mulesoft Anypoint and Dell Boomi.


Higher Education Business and Technology Trends
Paul Riley, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Emerging business and technology trends over the next 1-3 years will be the foundation of this session. We will explore the evolving nature of higher education, how this is impacting on institutions, and how we can prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities.


The Future of Human Experience
L J Rich, Presenter, writer, producer, musician and self-confessed geek.

How can we prepare the workforce of the future when our use of technology keeps changing? Join LJ Rich for a musical keynote exploring how innovation is linked to creativity and the future of human experience. From the invention of the piano to AI-generated music, you’ll also get pro-tips on staying relevant, increasing personal resilience, and tapping into your own creativity during times of great change.