What is it like working in a women-centred team - My experience!
Sarah Walmsley, Digital Learning Services Manager, Leeds Trinity University

What is it like to work in a women-centred team? I’d like to share with you my experience working in the Digital Learning team at Leeds Trinity University where most of the team are women. I’ll unpack and discuss the feedback, opinions and thoughts from the team and wider teams we work with. Question why the team is women-centred? Is the Digital Learning team at LTU unique? Have others been in this situation? Are there certain characteristics of working in the Digital Learning team that entice women into the job role?


Creating a Sense of Community to Facilitate Institution-Wide Technological Change.
Rebecca Anderson, Lead Learning Technologist, University of East Anglia

I will explore how a Community of Practice was established at the University of East Anglia to help facilitate the transition to Blackboard Ultra, which is a significant change to the virtual learning environment. The creation of this community helped to overcome resistance to change, presented a more approachable face of IT, and empowered users to share best practice and support each other. These communities are an important step in ensuring IT is seen as an accessible service for all, regardless of technical ability, and helps to demonstrate that a broad skill set is useful for careers within IT.

Crafting IT Job Descriptions that attract a diversity of candidates and providing diverse IT work to keep everyone happy.
Alicia McConnell, Head of Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning, University of East Anglia

This workshop will look at technical job descriptions that do successfully manage to attract a balanced set of applications. We frequently hear that achieving diversity in IT teams is difficult because too few women apply for positions, but diversity is too important a goal to allow that to continue. Re-crafting your JDs might to get you a more balanced set of applicants and at the same time might double the size of your field! We will also look at how successful teams work to keep everyone happy and interested once they arrive.