UK HE Capability Model


UK HE Capability Model

The ucisa UK HE Capability Model was published in March 2018. The ucisa EA Community of Practice would like to acknowledge the CAUDIT Higher Education Enterprise Architecture Reference Models which assisted the development of the ucisa UK HE model.

Download the diagram of the UK HE Capability Model  [PDF]

diagram of the UK HE capabilities model 

A capability model describes the complete set of capabilities an organisation requires to execute its business model or fulfill its mission.

To help understand the concept of capability modelling and it’s potential benefits, the following 2 videos give a useful background. The first is a short 5 min introduction the 2nd is longer (30 mins) and is from the Open Group.





The following outputs from the project are available:

1. Capability Model

PDF – PDF of the capability model.
MS Visio – MS Visio template of the capability model
XML - .XMA download of the capability model (Please right click and use the save as option to download, can be used in Archi tool
Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio - Basic template of the capability model

2. Definitions

MS Excel – MS Excel Spreadsheet containing all capability definitions

3. Data Model

PDF – PDF of the data model
XML - XML download of the data model (Please right click and use the save as option to download, can be used in Archi tool)
Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio - Basic template of the data model  

Those users without a dedicated EA tool may download the free to use ARCHI application, Note: You will need to Import the XML Open Exchange file into Archi rather than just opening the model from the File menu.

Important - This model is GENERIC; please feel free to use as is or change to meet your needs

Support Videos

The following videos have been created to assist users get the most out of the models:

Any general questions relating to the model or how best to use it should be directed to the ucisa EA Community of Practice to facilitate a broader discussion via

A ucisa funded project run by the ucisa Enterprise Architecture CoP

The ucisa UK HE Capability Model project set out with the explicit aim of creating a generic capability model for the UK HE sector to deliver the following benefits:

  • Promote the EA within the HE sector through use of tangible assets;
  • Promote collaboration and efficiency through reusable models;
  • Help ‘jump-start’ EA practices within the sector;
  • Create a common business language both within organisations and the sector;
  • Promote joined up strategic thinking – The BIG Picture;
  • Inform decision making for prioritisation and investment;
  • Connect IT to the business;

In simple terms this project has tried to identify, and group, all the individual ‘building blocks’ (capabilities) required to run a UK HE organisation.

The hope is that HE organisations can use this generic model ‘as is’ or adapt it to their individual needs to assist them in a variety of ways.

It is also envisaged that the model will facilitate a level of consistency and use of a common language both locally and within the sector; In simple terms helping organisations develop a common starting point when planning change.

The project team would like to thank the following:

  • Peter Tinson, Executive Director of UCISA for backing this project and offering the funding to help deliver the final outcomes.
  • Bizzdesign for offering their services for free to assist with this project and acting as EA quality assessors, particularly Paul Bouttell, Nick Reed and Rob Kroese (who actually did the work).  

We hope you find the model useful and many thanks for your interest.

Happy modelling!