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Joining UCISA


If you are interested in joining UCISA please follow the links below. Contact UCISA Events, with any questions.

In order for us to process your membership please complete and return the Membership Form. If paying by purchase order please supply the PO number and a copy of the official order. Terms and conditions of membership will apply and are available to download.

If payment has been made via the website please supply the ePDQ reference.

Annual subscriptions cover the calendar year (1 January – 31 December).

Membership runs from 1 January – 31 December. If an organisation wishes to join partway through a year, UCISA will accept a pro-rata payment for the current year as long as the following year's subscription is paid (at the appropriate rate) at the same time.

Pro-rata rates start on 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.

In June 2022 UCISA undertook a complete review of the institution membership banding and created 5 bands based on student numbers reported to HESA. This provides a clear logic as to which band an institution is allocated to, using publicly available data. The student numbers (and band) will be reviewed annually when the HESA information becomes available and prior to annual membership renewals, ensuring institutions continue to remain in the correct band.

Membership Type 2023 (EX VAT)
Band 1 - Small FE and Specialist Institution £868.00
Band 2 Less than 10,000 students reported to HESA in 20/21 year £2,169.00
Band 310,001 to 20,000 students reported to HESA in 20/21 year £3,037.00
Band 4  20,001 to 30,000 students reported to HESA in 20/21 year £3,470.00
Band 5More than 30,001 students reported to HESA in 20/21 year  £3,967.00


All prices include a 5% increase as voted at the UCISA AGM22

All prices are exclusive of VAT