20 November 2019 - Highlights from day one from CISG-PCMG19

Data Futures

It wouldn’t be a CISG-PCMG conference without a HESA presentation. There wasn’t much that was new to share, following the announcement of the redesign, but I was really struck by Annette’s intent to continue to respond to feedback from institutions. Ucisa will work with HESA over the coming months to get the message out about the mandatory trial for all providers, and we will also progress a question from the floor yesterday about potential unintended consequences for software licencing costs, as we transition to three data collections a year. For anyone who missed it, here’s the link to the key concepts that underpin the new Data Futures approach  

University of Greenwich’s Digital Strategy

After an explanation of the university’s evolving infrastructure, the cameras came out when Mehmet and Rayna revealed Greenwich’s Digital Strategy. It’s such wonderfully clear diagramme which enables anyone at the institution – and importantly not just the IT department – to explain the journey and share what the expected stakeholder experience will be in 2022.

The ucisa bursary

At the close of the day, Mary gave us insights in to her time at the Educause conference in Chicago. Over the six years that the bursary has been running, there have been 82 recipients from 48 different universities. There’s a simple annual application process which asks ask how you will represent ucisa whilst at your chosen event and how you will share what you’ve learned with the ucisa community when you return.

This year 23 people  were funded out of 72 applicants – great odds! Blogging is just one way recipients choose to disseminate what they have learnt and this has given us a rich library of articles from digital practitioners from across the membership.

And finally…

We have 45 newcomers at CISG-PCMG19. I’ve met 10 of you already and I’ve given myself the target to meet everyone by Friday lunchtime. If you see me around the conference, please come and say hello. I can also help make introductions, if you have spotted someone on the conference app who you would like to talk to but are not sure what they look like.

head and shoulder shot of woman smiling

Written by Anna Mathews