08 October 2019 - Oh! The anticipation....

Educause 2019

I can only image that Educause is like ucisa but ten times as big and on steroids. At its annual conference thousands of people from the US and Canada, and other places too, all working in IT in Higher Education, all in the same place for several days. And then there’s the Exhibition, Braindate Lounge, Meet & Mingle, Relax & Renew, Work & Chat, Postcard Station, …. and there’s even a Lactation Suite! (not that I’ll have need for such a facility, but it’s nice to know that they’ve thought of nearly everything).

I’ve printed off all my paperwork, including all the places I’m staying for when that nice man at the immigration desk asks me, and wants to know the zip codes too. I’ve been ironing for days and collecting plug adaptors, cables and power banks. You can never have too many power banks.

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