26 February 2024 - Wrapping up the Nutanix UCISA webinar series

Wrapping up the Nutanix UCISA webinar series

Well, that’s a wrap!

We have just completed the fourth and final webinar in the Nutanix series in partnership with UCISA. We started off with a view from the bridge after the 2023 Gartner Conference and looking how the broader issues effecting global economies directly correlated to the UK Higher Education sector.  Keele University, Bucks New University and University of Reading all gave an overview of their own experiences and the common themes appeared to be institutions struggling with the recruiting and retaining skilled resources and the challenges associated with increasing costs whilst fees remain static.

The rest of the series then picked up on these two themes and looked at how institutions can address the skills gap issues identified, whilst reducing the total costs of ownership across a number of use cases.

We heard from Bucks New Uni, Robert Gordon University and Cranfield University on how they were reducing the time and effort taken to manage end user desktops whilst also increasing their security posture.

The University of Reading took us through their Research Cloud solution and we saw hands on how Nutanix could help create a multi-tenant self-service private cloud, complete with chargeback which put the power in the hands of the academics whilst allowing IT to retain control.

And finally we saw some really cool demonstrations from Nutanix on how easy they make it for Universities to deliver on that goal of Hybrid Cloud, how they can easily burst applications in to Azure and AWS, again without needing to have new and expensive skill sets that let’s face it are difficult to find and retain in the current market. We also saw how their Database Service product was able to meet the demands of Cyber Essentials Plus and bring down the time and effort associated with getting those security patches applied. And the experience was the same across a multitude of database engines including Oracle, SQLServer, Postgres and MongoDB.

For those of you who attended, thank you for your participation, for those of you who missed the sessions, they are all recorded and linked in this blog. There is a huge opportunity to continue the drive for innovation and optimisation across the Higher Education sector within the UK and Nutanix looks forward to working with you all on realising this goal.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!