The UCISA Awards 2022


The UCISA Awards 2022

The UCISA Awards recognise, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and innovation of staff working in or supporting technology in UCISA member organisations, and the application of digital solutions which positively transform the experience of students, academics and professional staff.


The 6 categories are:

  • Outstanding contribution to IT/CIO/IT Director of the Year
    The UCISA CIO/IT Director of the Year Award celebrates outstanding contribution to IT by a senior leader who demonstrates clear vision, positive transformation and professional excellence. This individual will act as a role model not only within their institution but throughout the wider UCISA community.
  • UCISA award for Outstanding Corporate Member
    The UCISA Award for the Outstanding Corporate Member recognises the Company that has gone above and beyond in delivering excellent services to an institution or the wider sector.
  • Supporting Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Research
    The UCISA Award for Supporting Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Research recognises digital innovations which have had a transformative effect on learning, teaching and research activities. Tell us how you are innovating and transforming how academics teach and students learn, or what has had a positive impact on how research is undertaken.
  • Rising Star Award
    The UCISA Rising Star Award seeks to recognise an emerging leader in digital technology within the sector. They may have supported a collective effort to lead their team to achieve more than they have previously, or led a new initiative through to success, or introduced some significant positive change.
  • Transformation Award
    The UCISA Transformation Award celebrates transformations achieved through IT in all or part of your institution. For this award we will be looking at outcomes, impact and the cultural and/or operational change that this has enabled for you institution.
  • Sustainable Digital Project or Initiative
    The UCISA Award for Sustainable Digital Project or Initiative celebrates an innovative activity that not only provides exceptional value to the institution but demonstrates a strong consideration for the future.


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How to enter

Applications for the 2022 UCISA Awards are now being accepted. Before you enter, here are some things to consider, to assist in preparing the application.

  • Select the most relevant Award category for the activity/initiative
  • Ensure the conditions of entry/eligibility requirements (below) have been met
  • Read through and make sure you understand the selection criteria. The judging panel will use these criteria to determine eligibility and assess the application
  • Complete the relevant UCISA Award Entry form.
  • Review file attachments below, so you know what to prepare to upload with your application
  • Email the relevant UCISA Award Entry Form along with all the required documentation in a zipped folder to to finalise your application.
  • Applications close 17:00 Monday 7th February 2022.


File attachments

Please note: PDF, DOC and DOCX files only are supported.

File attachments to be included with each submission include:

  • The relevant UCISA Award Entry Form
  • Two brief testimonials (max 200 words per testimonial) from direct reports, peers and/or senior staff (required)
  • A letter of endorsement from member organisation's Member Representative (CIO, CDO, IT Director) (required)


The complete UCISA Awards 2022 pack contains:

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submission pack

  • The UCISA Awards 2022 Information document.
  • All Awards Criteria overview.
  • Awards Criteria and weighting document.
  • An Award Entry form for each category.


Finalists are recognised and category recipients announced at the annual UCISA22 Leadership Conference, taking place Tuesday 29th – Thursday 31st March 2022.


Conditions of entry

  • Applications are open to all current UCISA member organisation/staff working in or supporting technology..
  • For the inaugural awards, the leadership or activity on which the submission is based must have been performed between 01 January 2020 and 31 December 2021 (thereafter the preceding calendar year will apply).
  • The individual leading the activity/initiative must be from a recognised IT team and a current employee of a UCISA member organisation during the calendar year subject to the awards.
  • Nominations for the outstanding corporate member must come from a UCISA institutional or affiliate member.
  • Collaborative entries between institutions are welcomed, however a lead institution must be identified and make the submission.
  • Size of activity does not matter. Large, medium or small - all submissions are welcome
  • Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria.
  • You may make a submission as an individual or on behalf of a team. You may also nominate other individuals or teams.
  • A UCISA Award entry form needs to be completed and as part of the submission process for the Transformation Award, Sustainable IT Project or Initiative, Supporting Excellence in Learning Outstanding contribution to IT/CIO/IT Director of the Year, Rising Star or UCISA award for Outstanding Corporate Member.
  • The initiative or activity may be entered in one Award Category only (although a CIO/IT Director of the Year Rising Star nominee may also be part of a team nomination)
  • Short description of the initiative or project must not exceed 200 words.
  • Two brief (max. 200 words) testimonials from direct reports, peers or senior staff should be included with the submission
  • The award entry will need to be endorsed by the organisation’s senior IT leader (CIO/Director)
  • All applications must be submitted via the online submission form by 17:00, 7th February 2022.
  • UCISA may request a project demonstration webinar to the sector with any category nominees. This session may be recorded.
  • All finalists may be requested to attend an interview with a UCISA representative, prior to the announcement of each award recipient. This session may be recorded.
  • You acknowledge that photographers may attend UCISA events, and the images of participants may be used on the UCISA website or within event marketing material. If you do not wish to be photographed, please advise the photographer at the time.


Applications for the UCISA Awards will close at 17:00, 7th February 2022.


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