UCISA Information Security Awareness Training Course

Spring 2020 Edition


This is a self-paced course aimed at developing a broad awareness of Information Security issues among University staff. It lasts approximately 100 - 110 minutes including a test at the end.

The course is available free of charge to all UCISA institutional but may not be passed on to third parties. We are sorry but the course is not available to affiliate, corporate or individual members.

The course was originally developed by a consortium of 5 Universities led by the University of Leicester in conjunction with Leo Learning Technologies, and in its original form won the UCISA-Eduserv Award for Excellence 2011. After an extensive market survey in 2015, UCISA selected the course as the basis for an updated product to be made available to the HE and FE sector, which happened early in 2016. A revised version with video content and a more modular design was released in June 2017.

The Spring 2020 edition has been thoroughly revised by Gareth Johns of Cardiff Metropolitan University to reflect new legislation (particularly GDPR) and changes in the threat landscape.

Thanks to the generous co-operation of the original consortium and LEO Learning, UCISA now has the necessary intellectual property rights to update and distribute the course to its members in perpetuity, and plans to revise the course regularly based on feedback from the community.

The course is presented as a zipped SCORM 1.2 package to upload into the VLE of your choice. It should be suitable for use on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices. The package is available to download from the link below.

UCISA Information Security Awareness Training Course - Spring 2020 Edition

Please note that access to the link is restricted to the named representatives of UCISA institutional members only.

If you require help with permissions to download please contact admin@ucisa.ac.uk 


It has been brought to our attention that the SCORM 1.2 package contains some Adobe Flash content. As you known, Adobe will be discontinuing support for Flash Player at the end of 2020, and support for Flash in browsers is being withdrawn. This has led to concerns that the Information Security Awareness Course will no longer work.

Having checked with Leo, who produced both the original course on which the Spring 2020 edition is based, and the GOMO authoring tool used to write and modify it. They have assured us that the Flash elements are purely there for backwards compatibility with old (non-HTML 5 capable) versions of the Internet Explorer browser, and all modern browsers use the HTML 5 version of the video content by default. You should not therefore experience any compatibility issues when support for Flash is withdrawn. However, please feel free to get in touch if you experience any difficulties.

Leo plan to remove the Flash “fallback” from the core Gomo player in the near future.

Hosting can also be provided by Leo Learning at a reasonable annual fee. Should you wish to customise the course, the Gomo 3.0 authoring tool can be purchased from Gomo (the cost is per authoring seat per year; you do not need a license per end user). Gomo are also able to offer training and support in the use of the authoring tool..

Contact details to discuss hosting options are below:

Email: UCISAteam@leolearning.com
Telephone: +44(0) 1273 728686

Contact details to discuss Gomo licences or technical support packages are below:

Email: contactus@gomolearning.com
Telephone: +44(0)1273 320 600

Subscriber to UCISA-IS-TRAINING-USER-GROUP@jiscmail.ac.uk for general support and advice.

UCISA would like to thank the following for their contribution to this work:

 Gareth Johns Cardiff Metropolitan University

  Alistair Fenemore, University of Edinburgh
    Arthur Clune, University of York 
    Paul Kennedy, University College Dublin 
    David Sheryn, London Business School
    Marion Rosenberg, London Business School
    Tessa Rogowski, University of Essex
    Mark Humphrys, Norwich University of the Arts
    Thomas H Willson, Imperial College London
    Peter Hircock, Goldsmiths University of London
    Gary Dooley, Cranfield University

Representatives of Original Consortium 

    Parmjit Singh Gill,University of Leicester
    Gary Dooley, Cranfield University 
    Arthur Clune, University of York 
    Thomas H Willson, Imperial College London
    Philip Hobley, University of Leeds 
    Adam Troy, LEO Learning
Steering Group
    Brian Henderson, University of Aberdeen and Chair of HEIDS
    Arthur Clune, UCISA Trustee representative
    Dean Philip, UCISA Trustee representative
    Deborah Green, UCISA
Project Manager    Jerry Niman, Jerry Niman IT Services Ltd