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Jon Lucas, Head of IT Engagement, University IT Services, University of the Arts London explains that in his department, the following prompts are used to ascertain how and when to communicate to each individual stakeholder or group of stakeholders: 

  • What does this stakeholder need?
  • What expectations does this stakeholder have?
  • What is this stakeholder’s greatest concern?
  • What is needed from this stakeholder?
  • What is the risk if this stakeholder is not engaged?
  • Should we monitor, keep informed, keep satisfied or manage most closely?
  • What information should be distributed to this stakeholder and what concerns should be addressed? How and when?
  • What are the most important times/phases for engaging this stakeholder and how should this stakeholder be engaged?
  • Who is the person responsible for performing the activities described above?
  • How does this information get transferred to team members?



Comms for distributed IT from the University of Greenwich