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In staff surveys, colleagues often tell us we don’t communicate well enough. Sometimes our students tell us we communicate too much! Everyone tells us they get too many emails, but they don’t have time to read newsletters or online noticeboards. So whatever we do, it never seems quite right.

So why bother?

Whole text books have been written about the art of communication, but to keep it simple, when we communicate well, we help people to feel informed and engaged, and that we are working with them, not against them. It allows us to build relationships with colleagues and customers, and gain valuable feedback to ensure we provide the very best services we can.



Communication helps us to:

  • tell people about all the great services we provide, and how to make best use of them;
  • ask for feedback and discuss potential developments;
  • let them know when things go wrong;
  • keep them up to date about planned changes, or service improvements;
  • raise awareness about who we are;
  • build a reputation.

Why develop a communications strategy? Lancaster University