Teaching models




The UCISA 2020 TEL survey highlighted that blended learning (supplementary) approaches remained more prevalent than active modes of blended learning and fully online learning remained primarily an activity for individual academics or departments. This panel session considers the changes that institutions made to their teaching model during 2020/21 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and how their plans adapted with the changes in Covid-19 related restrictions. It concludes by asking how teaching models may change in the future and what differences might be seen within particular subject areas.

Co-chaired by Vicky Brown (Senior Digital Learning Adviser, University of Sheffield) and Laura Hollinshead (Learning Technologist, University of Derby). Panel members:

Panel members:

  • Andy Jaffrey, Head of the Office for Digital Learning, Ulster University
  • Ruth Clark, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, Leeds Conservatoire
  • Richard Walker, Head of the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team, University of York