DIG22: SurvivabilITy and SustainabilITy

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11 October 2022

12 October 2022

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23 September 2022


The Parkgate Hotel, Cardiff

About the Event

DIG22: SustainabilITy and SurvivabiITy

This year’s Digital Infrastructure Group (DIG) conference, ‘SustainabilITy and SurvivabiITty’, will be in held in Cardiff from 11th - 12th October. It will be the first DIG face to face event in two years and we are looking forward to seeing you all there!

SurvivabilITy will discuss how in the current climate of cyber-attacks directly targeting education. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. We will explore how we should be looking at our entire IT infrastructure to make sure we have the smallest attack surfaces, most secure firewalls/border and best practice to stop traversal if there is a breach. Planning for the worst we need to make sure that if the unthinkable does happen we are in the best position to get the organisation get back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

The conference looks to share direct experience of the consequences of cyber-attacks to help us understand what we can do to avoid the same. Institutions can no longer justify the thinking it will never happen to them; this conference will explore this belief and discuss how to mitigate and survive.

SustainabilITy used to be a buzzword a lot of people in the IT community nodded to and added as a section in tenders to just make sure it was covered. It hasn’t always been a yardstick for the purchase and maintenance of kit but now should it be?

Today more than ever with climate change, the ever-changing political situation and energy prices we need to look hard at our IT estate and make sure we are making the right decisions for both our institutions and the planet.

This conference will look at all aspects of infrastructure, Data Centres, Cloud, Systems, HPC Networks and all points in between to see how we can best leverage sustainability in our IT estate, such as

  • Is a Data Centre on campus more green than cloud, do the numbers really stack up?
  • How can we make sure out kit has longevity and avoid forklift upgrades?
  • Are we all migrating workloads at quiet times to reduce power consumption?
  • Is choosing greener kit maybe not going to give me the equipment I need?
  • BYOD is it greener for people to use their own devices and reduce the amount of kit we have to buy?

The conference looks to share these ideas, question our current thinking on green initiatives and sustainability and see how we can all work together to save money, save energy and do our bit on climate change. We have speaking slots available at this conference - both main room sessions and breakout room sessions.

If you would be willing to share your experience with the UCISA community at this event, we would be grateful if you could complete the speaker proposal form.