Day 1 Wednesday 13 March partner abstracts


Wednesday 13 March

Partner showcase abstracts 15:55 - 16:25


Delivering a Student-Focused Digital Experience
Matt Searles, Vice President, Europe & Asia Pacific, Ellucian.

Room: Lammermuir 2

Our students access a variety of online administrative services every single day, such as banking, shopping, travel and communications. But how does a student’s digital experience at university compare? Ellucian partnered with The Knowledge Partnership, part of Times Higher Education to survey 1000 students in UK higher education to better understand how students interact with their university administrative services. This session will share our findings along with some inspiring initiatives to improve student experience, satisfaction and outcomes.


Hide-and-Seek in the Digital Playground: The Quest for Invisible Academic Capes
Yasir Rafi , Head of IT Service Delivery , Nottingham College and Manash Ray, Lead, Customer Success, ManageEngine

Room: Cromdale

Located in the heart of Nottingham, home to Robin Hood, Nottingham College is one of the largest Further Education colleges in the UK, serving more than25,000 students and employing more than 1500 members of staff across 10 different sites. Yasir Rafi, Head of IT Service Delivery, understands the IT complexities and challenges that a college of this size brings, and online safety is the key to keep the digital identities secure from cyber rogues.

Our fireside chat will humorously yet insightfully examine this paradox: students and staff, the heart of our academy, can unwittingly stir identity security storms. We'll probe the mystery: How to guard the unseen? Why do digital personas vanish like laundry room socks at critical moments?

Yet, our story isn't grim. We'll explore Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) strategies, the unseen sentinels safeguarding identities while nurturing academic quests. With humour and insight, we'll show how smart tactics prevent crises and strengthen our educational core. Be enthralled by tales of identity perils and triumphs and learn to turn identity faux pas into a symphony of security and access. Join Yasir Rafi on this quest, ensuring our digital space is as fortified as it is vibrant.


Tata Consultancy Services
Charting the course: Navigating the Heriot-Watt University data and insights journey
Fraser Muir, Global Director of Information Services, Heriot-Watt University and Priyanka Sethi, Head of Sales and Strategy, Education, Tata Consultancy Services

Room: Lammermuir 1

Heriot-Watt University is on a strategic "data journey." The University is a truly international institution, delivering degree programmes to 150 countries and with five campuses in three countries on three continents. This brings wonderful opportunities, but also some headaches, such as data. Becoming less siloed is now an imperative. As a global institution, Heriot-Watt is on a journey to build solutions to drive better use of institutional data with long term objectives to enable data-driven decisions through ready access to data, analytics and insights. The “Data and Insight” programme is building a platform ecosystem to consolidate data from disparate sources and generate dashboards of key indicators covering student engagement, research, finance and HR. Partnering with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the University created a data analytics platform leveraging resilient and scalable Microsoft Azure architecture and services. This is driving better use of institutional data, with improved automation and accuracy, and in future will enable much more advanced data processing and usage. TCS is a great fit, being a truly international company, offering cost-effective and elastic resource models, such as offshoring, and access to more resource numbers, capabilities, experiences and expertise.