Day 1 Wednesday 13 March institutional abstracts


Wednesday 13 March

Institutional abstracts 15:15 - 15:45


Design for everyone, better for everyone: Strengthening the capability of the HE sector to consistently deliver accessible experiences
David Goddard, Head of Digital Student Experience; Ben Watson, Head of Digital Accessibility, University College London; and Gareth Davies, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, RNIB

RNIB and UCL are inviting you to participate in the development of a roadmap to make the Higher Education sector more accessible for everyone. The roadmap aims to help institutions create and maintain products and services that are easy to use for people with different needs and abilities. Gareth Davies (RNIB) says "We hope the development of sector-level resources, such as toolkits, templates, and eventually a charter mark, will help improve the lived experience of everyone in HE, including those who are blind and partially sighted." Delegates will participate in a crowd-sourced feedback and prioritisation plenary session and gain access to resources that could enhance the accessibility practice of their institution.

Agile University - CIO (and Agile friends) Workshop
Andy Smith, CIO; and Sophie Harrison, Director Digital Delivery, University College London

Will develop and confirm/propose the session following the PCMG/CISG meeting in November. It would be to share best practice and to further build the community. Want to enrol more CIOs in this agenda and join them up with the work. If helpful we could invite PA to sponsor the workshop.

Embedding Product Management in Higher Education and making it work
Dieter Kraftner, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Anglia Ruskin University

Product Management is a relatively new concept in the public sector which traditionally was geared around Project delivery vs. Business-as-usual delivery. ARU started to introduce Product Management principles and structures in 2019 and developed a process, structural, staffing, governance and funding model that led to Product Management being a successful model embedded in delivering our digital strategy. This presentation will talk about the ARU approach and experience and any lessons learned on the way.

Building a Cyber Security Practice ... Our Journey at Swansea University
Neil Cordell, CISSP, Head of Cyber and Information Security, Swansea University

To enhance the cyber security posture, it is necessary to build a sustainable cyber security practice and culture. In this session, I explain how we have approached this at Swansea University and where we have reached in our journey in establishing a more secure university.

Transforming Professional Services - Extending Service Management Beyond IT
Simon Corbett, CIO, Northumbria University

IT departments are well practiced in using a service management framework to deliver their services to universities. But what if this framework and tooling could be extended beyond IT. At Northumbria we are on a journey to transform our professional service departments by extending our IT service management software and processes. In allowing interactions and efficiencies between departments that otherwise would not be possible we can exploit cost savings and an improved customer experience.